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The BODY collection is designed for security guards, doormen, and all other professionals who wear a vest for the duration of their work shifts

The vest has adjustable straps at the shoulders and stomach, and it can thus be easily adjusted for both the height and girth of the user’s body.

The front of the vest has a pocket that can be fitted with a steel plate, providing complete protection against attacks. There is a casing for a name tag on the inside of the pocket flap, where a company logo, for example, can be attached.

  • The shoulder straps of the vest are padded, providing additional comfort for the user.
  • The outside shell of the vest is manufactured from high-quality, polyurethane-coated Mistral fabric, which repels water and dirt.
  • Although the factory color of the vest is black, other colors are also available upon request.

GUARD bullet/stab-proof vests are CE certified for both BALLISTIC PROTECTION and STAB PROTECTION in accordance with the following standards:

FOR BALLISTIC PROTECTION In bullet and bullet/stab-proof vests NIJ-STD-01.0.04 Level II
FOR BALLISTIC PROTECTION In bullet/stab-proof vests DIN EN 13998 Level II

The vests’ protective panels are manufactured from laminated aramid fibers, which provides them with outstanding properties for handling trauma (distension).

The panels thus also provide excellent protection against all other attacks without reducing the softness and flexibility of the vest. Because the panels are only 3.5 mm thick, the vest is light and comfortable to use.



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