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GUARD vests, designed and manufactured in Finland, are bullet-proof and bullet/stab-proof.

Guard vests have been optimized both for providing excellent protection and for user comfort. Only the most high-quality materials and technical solutions are used in the vests so that this ease of use can be achieved.

The collection includes BODY, ZIPPER and RESCUE models. All models are available bullet-proofed or stab-proofed for both men and women.

GUARD bullet/stab-proof vests are CE certified for both BALLISTIC PROTECTION and STAB PROTECTION in accordance with the following standards:


FOR BALLISTIC PROTECTION In bullet and bullet/stab-proof vests NIJ-STD-01.0.04 Level II
FOR BALLISTIC PROTECTION In bullet/stab-proof vests DIN EN 13998 Level II


The vests’ protective panels are manufactured from laminated aramid fibers, which provides them with outstanding properties for handling trauma (distension).

The panels thus also provide excellent protection against all other attacks without reducing the softness and flexibility of the vest. Because the panels are only 3.5 mm thick, the vest can also be worn discreetly under clothing.


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